Introducing Dr. Howard W. Melton, Esq.

Dr. Melton is the author of Barclay Miniature Toy Vehicles, Transports, Cars, Trucks, and Trains 1932 – 1971.

Howard W. Melton is a practicing attorney, with extensive business experience, and a lifelong collector. Having played with these Barclay toys as a child, Dr. Melton began collecting them in 1970. As the collection grew, he co-authored Barclay Toys, Transports & Cars 1932-1971, ("Barclay Toys"), with Robert E. Wagner, Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 2004. Dr. Melton has published a number of books and articles in the areas of law and accounting.

Howard W. Melton

In addition to practicing law, he has been a university professor, a corporate executive, and an entrepreneur, and continues to be very active in civic affairs. He earned his B.B.Ad. degree from Eastern New Mexico University, his J.D. degree from the University of Texas at Austin, and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Northwestern University.

BARCLAY: Miniature Toy Vehicles, Transports, Cars, Trucks and Trains 1932 - 1971

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