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Barclay Toys - Transports & Cars 1932 - 1971©

The book, by Howard W. Melton and Robert E. Wagner is a comprehensive catalogue and price guide for these toys. It was published in the late fall of 2004 by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., the largest publisher of books for collectors in the world. Unlike many books for collectors, this book is not a brief overview. It is a very detailed examination of this series of toys. Since very little has been published concerning these toys, the book includes a detailed catalogue and numbering system as well as close to 100 full-color pictures and drawings illustrating every major variation and color.

While many collectors and dealers realize that there are four major varieties of these toys-Vintage, Streamlined, Classic, and Modern, what they do not realize is that there are many sub-varieties within each of these major categories. There are also numerous color variations, many of which are very scarce or rare, particularly within the Classic and Modern varieties.

Whether you are a collector, an antique storeowner, an auction house operator, or buy and sell toys on Ebay, you must own this book. Few toy collectables have so many varieties, vary so much between the very common and the very rare, or are so often misattributed to other manufactures.

Not only is Barclay Toys - Transports & Cars© the definitive catalog for these toys, but it will also be continuously updated as new varieties and colors are discovered-see Updates and Alerts. Barclay Toys - Transports & Cars© is a "must have" addition to you library of books on collectables. The book can be purchased for immediate delivery for $19.95 (List Price - $24.95) plus $3.00 shipping to anywhere within the United States. Please Complete the Order Form to receive your copy. Be sure to request a signed copy of the book!

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The book Barclay Toys - Transports & Cars© is the definitive reference for the serious collector. Order your copy for immediate shipment at the special Barclay Toys Website price - only $19.95 plus $3.00 shipping to anywhere in the United States. Simply Complete the Order Form to receive your copy. Be sure to request a signed copy of the book!

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